A Truly Dark Night

Most of the time I share photos and musings about last night’s dinner or gathering over food, but there is nothing more poignant to encourage us to savor today than the recent news streaming out of Colorado, the place I call home.

Each morning I check my cell phone on the kitchen counter for battery life and any overnight messages. Friday morning there was a text message, a KKTV NEWS Alert: 14 killed, 50 injured by shooting inside Aurora movie theater.

My heart pounded in my chest.

I had subscribed to the alerts during the Waldo Canyon Fire to receive updates and unfortunately hadn’t taken the time to unsubscribe. Fixed that. No one should see this first thing in the morning, yet others faced much worse.

Everyone is in shock over this senseless, horrific violence. Having experienced terror of this nature, I am undone when I think about what they must have gone through. My heart has been in my throat from the time my eyes glanced over the text. I do not have to watch raw footage from the scene or listen to 911 calls, really no one should. I wish the news media was more selective about what they release, it is different reading a report than seeing or hearing people flee for their lives, screaming, crying, disoriented from trauma. This isn’t a movie. It is real people, real terror.

Later news revealed the count was 12 killed and 50 or so injured, though tragedy doesn’t change based on the numbers. Families and friends are grieving lives snatched away without warning, while countless others are grappling with shock and horrific scenes still playing in their minds.

Tears, heartbreak, grasping for something to make sense … lament seems not enough.


A question without answer, at least not satisfying answers. This grief, this loss cannot be satisfied with man’s pondering or explanations. Maybe one day. One day when we are face to face with God, on the other side where suffering is ceased and every tear wiped away …

The rest of life moves forward, but as though it is in slow motion with cemented shoes. We pray with grief and hope whispered in the same breath, hugging our loved ones tight, savoring today with them … and we overcome (Rev 12:11).


  1. Julie B says

    Was thinking of you all day yesterday and praying for your heart. Sometime, some things, hit closer to home. Be comforted my friend.

    • says

      Hi Julie, thank you for praying, you are right about it feeling close in my heart. Thanks friend, for thinking of me, of us.

    • says

      Maureen, I am sure it is all over the news everywhere, sometimes it seems there is a fine line between reporting and sensationalizing.

  2. says

    This sort of news seems to come every summer when we’re away holidaying. It’s incredible that something so horrific can even happen.. and that its source is a mentally ill young man. I agree, the news needs to tone down the images and video.. I’m certain my anxiety and panic attacks triple when seeing this sort of thing. And I begin to fear when my own kids go to a movie theater.
    Sending you hugs and prayers!!
    Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen recently posted..Piccolo Quinoa PattiesMy Profile

    • says

      Hugs and prayers so appreciated! I know what you mean about feeling protective over the kids, I think we all go through that. ((hugs))

  3. says

    A tragedy like this defies comment, yet media types and politicians just can’t help themselves. I suppose this sort of thing became a possibility when God decided to give us free will. I wonder sometimes if God ever regrets that decision.

  4. says

    Hi Bud, yes I agree, there is a real departure from empathy when someone’s political cause overshadows common decency and respect. I actually saw an interview with the brother of a young woman who was killed being asked if they wanted more strict gun laws–the brother put the interviewer in his place by telling him their desire was to honor his sister, tell others about her life, not turn the tragedy into a political thing. The stories of courage, life well-lived, and the community support have been remarkable.

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