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Sprouted Rye Sandwich Buns - from the oven

Sprouted Light Rye Sandwich Buns

As soon as the Sprouted Wheat Burger Buns were pulled from the oven, plans for other flavors and seed toppings danced in my head (sometime this can be dangerous). Since I have always been a huge fan of rye bread, it seemed only fitting to make Light Rye Sandwich Buns for Reubens on St. Patrick’s […]

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Snickerdoodle Cake 2-Ways: Test Kitchen Tuesday

Even with the best of plans, Test Kitchen Tuesday slid right on into What Happened Wednesday—the case of too much “life” packed into a single day. I had planned to ask my daughter to make a Snickerdoodle Cake for my birthday yesterday (part of the “life” that took over), but she had a lemon cake […]

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Bacon Irish Soda Bread (Soaked Method)

Test Kitchen Bonus: Bacon Irish Soad Bread

While preparing to tackle the Test Kitchen Tuesday recipes I stumbled across this recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet for Bacon Irish Soda Bread—honestly, it had me at Bacon (the photo is amazing too).  According to Jim Gaffigan, bacon is the fairy dust of the food world, making everything better! I thought I would pass it […]

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Ultimate Meatball Sandwich

The Ultimate Meatball Sandwich

My Ultimate Meatball Sandwich recipe was published at AT&T Food & Home, how fun is that?!  When this recipe was featured last year, I made it with Ciabatta rolls purchased at the store.  Now, we make these with French rolls made from soaked grains, so this delicious sandwich just got healthier.  Tender meatballs dressed in […]

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Whole Wheat French Bread [Soaked Method]

Since our soaked grain adventure began a few months ago, the one bread I have missed more than any is French bread.  Unable to find any recipe on-line that used authentic cooking methods for this type of bread which included soaking the grain, I decided to try to convert a basic recipe found on Famous […]

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Soaked-Wheat Dinner Rolls

Healthy Holiday Menu Choices Adorning tables across our country during the holidays, bread is comforting and satisfying. Loving everything about bread—the aroma as it bakes, its perfect texture with butter or virgin olive oil—I wish it were as good for me as vegetables. While it will never reach the nutritional heights of the veggie tray, […]

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Sprouted Wheat Banana Spice Bread

“Sprouted” Wheat Banana Spice Bread [Soaked Method]

Less sweet than traditional recipes, this Banana Spice Bread recipe produces a moist, tender crumb, rich banana flavor, and all the nutrition you would expect from whole grains.

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