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Savoring Words with 12 Useful Writing Sites: Feature Fridays

I savor choice words like fine wine and soul-satisfying food. Word games, word puzzles, word pictures, you name it, I’m there. So when I stumbled upon this Daily Zen List of 12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing, I had to share. I know my fellow word nerds will understand (and thank me). Check it out, […]

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Rubik’s Cube Cake: Feature Fridays

When I “Stumbled” across this cake, I was immediately transported back to high school and the challenge of the Rubik’s Cube. I had friends that would set a timer to see how fast they could solve it, while the rest of us were quite satisfied defeating the block of colored squares just once. So when […]

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You know you want one...

7 Unique Grilling Gadgets: Feature Fridays

Ready to have some fun? I thought so … it is Friday, after all. I grill; therefore I can judge grilling gadgets. Aside from a good grill-cleaning brush, chimney starter, and a good pair of tongs, most grilling gear is simply glorified gadgets—more for novelty than necessity. Some borderline on the ridiculous, which I have […]

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Kettle pizza

A Kettle Grill Becomes Pizza Oven: Feature Fridays

Occasionally I stumble across something so cool, I wonder how long its been “out there” while my friends neglected to tell me what I was missing… Evidently, you can buy an insert for your kettle grill and make it a pizza oven—can you say, backyard pizza party?! As far as I’m concerned, the beginning of […]

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Gala apples

The Apple Challenge: Feature Fridays

The only time I don’t mind stumbling in life is when I Stumble across something to share for Feature Fridays. This morning, I found this video and immediately went to the kitchen, picked up a crisp gala apple and tried it. Now, I have pretty strong hands for a girl, which I credit to milking […]

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Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos at

Spice Up the Weekend with Jalapenos and Bacon: Feature Fridays

  There I was, cruising food sites, minding my own business, when these Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos jumped up out of nowhere. You heard me…Bacon…Wrapped…Jalapenos. Look at them; can you imagine better cradles for cream cheese? Or a better way to introduce pork, chilies, and fire? Obvious as it might seem, there is a step-by-step recipe […]

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My Kitchen

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen: Feature Fridays

Years ago, I learned to organize my kitchen into work zones keeping like items together and close at hand. I can testify that those things, which were once in order, do not necessarily stay that way. Somehow, container lids are lost or mismatched at a rate only surpassed by socks. Spring is nearly here and […]

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How Soy Sauce is Made: Feature Fridays

From the time I was a small child curiosity has led me on wondrous adventures and occasionally landed me in trouble. TV shows like Dirty Jobs, This Old House, and How It’s Made are favorites because we get to see behind the scenes, how things really work. Inquiring minds want to know, right?! That same […]

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Hearts in Nature for Sweethearts: Feature Fridays

My friend LOVES hearts, everything hearts, Valentine’s Day is her favorite holiday.  When I saw this photo collection of hearts in nature, I had to send it to her and of course, share it with you as our Valentine feature this Friday.  Inspiring scenery to kickstart a weekend for sweethearts. Enjoy! And…just a few browse […]

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Super Bowl Roundup: Feature Fridays

As promised, next week we will continue to highlight party appetizers in anticipation of the Super Bowl—Caramelized Onion Dip and Jalapeno Crab Dip—two recipes sure to grab some attention at the table.  In the meanwhile, to stay true to our theme, here are a few more links I liked for their straightforward ingredients and unique […]

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