Feature Fridays: this one goes out to the ones I love (via nom! nom! nom! blog)

Ah, Friday, a warm cup of French press coffee in my hand (usually a second cup) and interesting food blogs to visit on the agenda.  I liked this post because I do like chocolate cake (just don’t eat it as much anymore) and had a good laugh remembering Bill Cosby’s Dad Is Great routine—very fun for a Friday, take a few minutes to check this out via nom! nom! nom! blog.

this one goes out to the ones I love I am adrift in a sea of templates, CSS and code. Alas, I am making progress on my awesome new improvements to nom! nom! nom! and shall be debuting them soon.

In the meantime, here is a recipe from my upcoming book Have Your Cake and Vegan Too. Out of all 50 recipes, this is definitely in my personal top 5, perhaps even my top 2. It would make a fabulous cake for Valentine’s Day. Your only requirement is that you have to watch the YouTube video be … Read More

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