Guest Post from Whole Intentions: What Are Your Cravings Telling You?

A few days ago we posted a brief introduction for The Sweeter Side of Candida and the awesome product giveaways, which are part of the launch (winners announced tonight, Nov 1, at 10:30).

Over the last few days I‘ve had the chance to preview the book and collect supplies to try a few recipes for a more indepth review later in the month. One of the reasons I’m anxious to try the recipes is so I can make them for my friends who deal with candida or follow a sugar-free diet to maintain healthy blood sugar. Special occasions and holidays can be especially difficult for someone avoiding sugar, which can cause people to avoid parties all together. That’s just sad.

As I read Paula and Sarah’s motivation behind writing this book, there was one sentence that resonated with me in particular.

“We know a candida diet isn’t always easy so these desserts are our way of giving you a special gift—a long-distance
hug while whispering “keep on keeping on”.

I love that! Encouragement for the journey is so important. I invited Paula to stop by as our guest today to provide a little more information about candida. If you’d like to ask Paula questions or get more information, you can contact her at paula (at) wholeintentions (dot) com.

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Cravings(photo credit)

I feel like a piece of chocolate.

Oh, doesn’t that movie popcorn smell heavenly!

I’ll eat that last cupcake. . .we don’t want it to go to waste now, do we.

What do you crave?

Krispy Creme Donuts? A thick slice of bread and butter? What foods trigger the munchies? Peanuts? Chewy candy? The crunch of potato chips? We joke about the cravings of pregnant women, but are you the average Joe – or Josephine – with food cravings all the time?

What are your cravings telling you?

They may tell you that you have a bad habit of late night snacking, or that your body needs more minerals. But sometimes it’s deeper than that.

Food cravings are a key symptom of candida. What’s candida? Imagine two armies at war in your gut. One side is the good guys – bacteria like lactobacillus found in yogurts and fermented foods, and the other side is the bad guys – candida, the yeast-like fungus that wants to take over and create chaos on planet YOU.

What kind of chaos? You had to ask. . .

Symptoms of Candida


(photo credit)

  • acne
  • anxiety
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • athletes’ foot
  • brain fog
  • cold hands or feet
  • colds
  • colic
  • constipation
  • cradle cap
  • cravings for sweets
  • cysts
  • diabetes
  • diaper rash
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • eczema
  • fatigue
  • food sensitivities or reactions
  • hay fever
  • headaches
  • heart burn
  • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • hypothyroidism
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • joint pain
  • lack of appetite
  • migraines
  • mood swings
  • muscle aches and pain
  • panic attacks
  • poor memory and concentration
  • pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • psoriasis
  • rashes and dry red or white patches
  • respiratory problems
  • sinus congestion
  • thrush (white coating in mouth or vagina)

Like any army, candida needs supplies to do its dirty work – it craves them.

Chinese Almond Cookies graphic

Common Candida Cravings

The common foods candida craves are the same ones that feed it and help it grow:

  • bread
  • chocolate
  • moldy cheeses (brie, camembert, etc.)
  • pickles
  • sweet sauces
  • sweet fruits (oranges, bananas, grapes, and dried fruits like raisins)
  • starchy vegetables (pumpkin, potato, etc.)

and most importantly. . . sugar.

Oh, yeah, candida LOVES sugar. It hugs and kisses it. It dreams about it, plans exotic vacations with it, and is just a tad bit obsessed. Are the foods you’re craving supplying ammo to the enemy?

Fighting Candida

Most people have a sweet tooth. I won’t lie, I do too! (do NOT ask me how much I love chocolate and peanut butter). Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re asking yourself, “But if candida loves sugar, breads, cheeses and fruit – what in the world do I live off? Bread and water?

Scratch that—NO bread. Just water. Whaaaaaaa!

No wait. . .really. . .there is a happy ending to this story. 

Often times when you crave something sweet you can diminish it by eating small amounts of protein throughout the day (eggs, tuna, chicken, etc.). The ebook Candida Crusher suggests taking chromium picolinate two to three times daily with meals (about 500 mcg per dose). But the best way to fight sugar cravings is with this simple rule: if you crave it. . .don’t eat it. You’ll find that the more you avoid the foods that call your name, the better you feel and soon those cravings fade into non-existance.

But what about the times those cravings start to get the better of you? What if you need to make dinner and dessert for company? What do you do when everyone is eating brownies and you know you can’t have them?

You can still enjoy delicious foods safe for a candida diet, and yes, candida-diet approved desserts because the naturally sweet herb stevia and xylitol are the only two forms of sweetener that DON’T feed candida.

While it’s not true that everyone who craves sugar has candida, it is true that most everyone with candida will crave sugar.

Craving Collage

The Sweeter Side of Candida


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    Loads of info here! Really informative guest post – thanks so much!
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    This is so very informative Judy. You did a great review of this book; I had no idea there were so many symptoms! If I ever hear anyone mention that they have this, I will definitely turn them on to this book!!
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    I have heard that if you don’t want to get thrush you shouldn’t have a diet high in sugar but I had no idea there were all sorts of other foods to avoid as well. I always take a powerful probiotic tablet – my naturopath insists! I also had no idea candida was responsible for so many health issues. Thanks for all the info xx
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