Moving Day


Life is about to change …

Change can be good and bad. I have found it is most often bittersweet, as even the good requires letting go of something and the bad can open doors to possibilities we never imagined.

This is good change.

Remember the post about Gluten Free Chocolate Cake celebrating Kayla’s 21st birthday in May? (That’s okay I don’t expect you to remember my kid’s birthdays, though you may remember the chocolate cake.)

Well, she signed her first lease on an apartment, Saturday is moving day. She won’t be so far away that we won’t see her often, she just won’t be downstairs. Our every morning hugs will be spaced farther apart, her chair empty during weeknight dinners. At this age, it’s not as though we see her much between work and school, but the trail of shoes, open chip bags, and art pencils around the house remind us she’s still here. I’ll miss that, sort of. Again, bittersweet change.

It has been quite the adventure the last two months transferring schools, job, and apartment hunting. We are so proud of the way she has handled it all and nearly worn out by it too. I’ve heard “I know” and “It will be fine” more times than I can count. If I have to bite my tongue one more time, it may sever in two, but I’ve gotten used to that having adult kids. When I do let go and lay down my worries in prayer, I know, it will be fine. Better than fine, actually, she has a good set of knives and decent pans, so I know she won’t starve (it’s a mom thing). 😉

I’ve often wondered if there is a run on Kleenex in August. They may think it is all the back-to-school supply lists causing them to fly off the shelves … personally I think it’s all the moms sending their kids to college. Yes, I’ve already informed the family there will be a tear or two shed this weekend and I’ll try to save the gushers for my private time. We’ll see.

And life will change yet again.

This is more good change.

Sunday we welcome Paulina, a German exchange student, into our family. She will be in high school with our youngest daughter and from what we can tell from correspondence thus far, it may be like having twin teenage girls for the next year. We are excited to meet her and share life and culture over the coming year. Her mom loves to cook, so I am looking forward to exchanging recipes with her too. Somehow, it all comes back to food for me. 🙂

So one moves out, one moves in, school begins again and summer fades. No worries, I bought Kleenex in July and I think I’ll invite some cookies along for the send-off and welcome, they are a wonderful companion for change.

Gluten-Free Lemon Cookies for Kayla …

Ghirardelli Brownie Cookies for Paulina …

Ghirardelli Brownie Cookies

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  1. Pati says

    I used to complain about the volume of laundry ahead of me each week, or the mess left behind in the kitchen, dishes left in the family room.

    I would give anything to have it back.

    Yes, change is bittersweet. Share some kleenex with you friend?

  2. says

    Judy, I can so relate to your feelings on your daughter moving out. I especially smiled when you wrote about her trail of items….I have those same trails when my daughter visits. She will moving back home after she graduates so it will be an adjustment to have her back after 4 years! I’m thinking with her independence for so long, she won’t be staying with me for too long!! Nice you’re getting a “swap” in roommates, that sounds so wonderful!

  3. says

    I’m getting all teary just thinking about it. I can just imagine how sad you will be when it comes to the big farewell. Such a momentous time for all of you. I’m glad you have an exchange student to fill the enormous gap. I hope all goes well as your daughter transitions into college life xx
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