My Super Fan & Having the Final Word with a T-Shirt

The famous have their fan clubs, people who follow their every move anticipating their next song, movie, or interview. I have a few folks who LIKE my Face Book page, subscribe to this blog, share tweets from time to time about the recipes here, but fans? Only one that I really know of—my husband—and he has always been my biggest fan, or what I call a super fan. He follows my posts, sends me ideas, appreciates my experiments cooking, and above all, encourages me at every turn.

What did I find under the Christmas tree from my fan club of one?

A Pressure Cooker

Because I mentioned one day that I should probably learn how to use one and the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Cooks Illustrated gave solid reasons “Why You Should Buy a Pressure Cooker“. I suppose any ‘home cook extraordinaire’ wouldn’t need a NEW pressure cooker since her neighbor and her mother offered her theirs, but I have always been a little intimated by pressure cookers. Especially older ones and I couldn’t justify laying out the cash for the fancy Home Show models, so I just went without and spent the extra time in the kitchen. (Oh darn, right? It’s my favorite place in the entire house!) However, it did seem like a worthwhile cooking challenge for 2013 and I guess I can use all the time saved to play with my new lights.

pressure cooker

A Home Studio Lighting Kit

Because the recipes I post here are real food we savor in our own dining room, he has witnessed the lack of natural light at dinnertime in the winter and the contortions I go through to get a photograph that doesn’t look like it was taken in a cave before dinner is cold. My last ridiculous attempt involved a flash light, a story too embarrassing to tell, and I think he took pity on me.

I love that he cares about my passions and he likes to eat warm food. 😉 We’ll see how well I learn to use both—suggestions welcome!

My lighting helpers I affectionately refer to as "The Twins"

My lighting helpers I affectionately refer to as “The Twins”


Charley - Truffle Snarfer

Of course, Christmas was not without a little family fun too. After Christmas we visited my sister and brother-in-law—the one I mentioned having the savoring debate with in Double Chocolate Truffles. He couldn’t leave well enough alone and let my anecdote stand as the last word on the matter, so he decided to punctuate the story with a t-shirt. Yes, he had a t-shirt made to proudly proclaim his indulgence and have the final word. He was wearing it when we walked in the door from our 11 hour trek to their house … needless to say, I laughed hard and just shook my head.

I love to laugh with my family, it is one of the precious things in life that restores and refreshes me. 🙂




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      Yes, Karen, he did treat me really good, he always seems to out do me in the gift department. I’ll let you know how it goes with ‘the twins’, first I have to learn how to use them…but any extra light at 5:30 around here is good this time of year!

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    Great gifts for Christmas and I’m somewhat jealous of your new lighting kit. Lighting has always been a problem in our previous residents. Hopefully that all end now as our new place back in DC has ton of natural light and we painted the walls a friendly color. Now all I need is all our stuff!!…making it’s way out from Boulder right now.

    Plus, you can count me in as a fan of your blog Judy!

    Happy New Year!
    Jed Gray (sportsglutton) recently posted..Thirsty Thursday: Lips of Faith Imperial Coffee Chocolate StoutMy Profile

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      Aw, thanks Jed, I appreciate you declaring fan status!
      You will surely enjoy tons of natural light, we have an 8′ patio door that is great, but when the sun goes down so early it is still hard to get good dinner shots, so I am grateful for the extra help now! Oh, I like the idea of friendly colors, which for me is anything but mauve or grey — hopefully you’ll have your stuff soon and the snow doesn’t slow it down too much.

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    Who needs tons of fans when you have that one super fan who obviously loves and care for you so much!! I too have been intimidated by pressure cookers also feling like I didn’t need another piece of equipment and like you, didn’t mind being in the kitchen! But I also can’t wait to see your posts on using this, I just may change my mind! I so need lighting help too and have looked at options but not yet decided on what to do! Happy New Year Judy! Looks like 2013 is starting off very well for you!!
    Linda recently posted..Ricotta MeatloafMy Profile

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      Yes, the lighting question was a little overwhelming, I am so grateful Matt just made the decision for me in this gift, having it done was a great gift too! I’ll for sure let you know about the pressure cooker … we’ll see if it’s that big of a help, I know folks who love theirs. Happy New Year to you too, Linda!

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    I bet you hit a chord with many of your WP friends. Lighting is always a problem, especially now in the Winter months. Your Super Fan sure did come through for you, though I know exactly why he gave them the lights to you. My meals get awfully cold while I try to get that perfect shot, too. 🙂
    ChgoJohn recently posted..Mom’s Broth — Il Brodo della MammaMy Profile

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    You got some great loot! You’ll really enjoy playing with artificial light – once you figure out how to use it, it makes taking photos so much easier. Have fun with the twins!
    [email protected] recently posted..Braised FennelMy Profile

  5. Rebecca says

    I’ve been debating for months now about getting a pressure cooker – I can’t wait to hear what you think of it and how well it works!

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