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R2-D2 Cake [via B-Side Blog]: Feature Fridays

Okay, I admit I am a Star Wars fan. It was one of the first movies I had ever seen in a theater—I was hooked by the classic good vs. evil from the beginning.  At first, I thought this was a new toy on the market, but then I realized it really was a cake!  […]

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Tips on Food Photography [via My Cooking Hut]: Feature Fridays

Featuring other blogs on Fridays is a real treat. I especially appreciate those that share their ideas to help others. This post from My Cooking Hut will help anyone looking to take better photos of their culinary creations and give readers an appreciation for what goes on behind the visual feasts on their favorite blogs. […]

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Feature Fridays: It’s Your Turn

Feature Fridays was launched in order to set time aside each week to surf and study with the idea it would make Savoring Today a better food blog.  There are lots of seasoned bloggers and fresh ideas out there from which to glean, but what is most rewarding is seeing how many times someone has […]

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Feature Fridays: Fruit with a Face and Shaped Vegetables

Feature Fridays are just pure fun for me; I hope you enjoy these lighthearted discoveries as much as I do.  Today, I just could not help but pass along an article I found on Japanese fruit and vegetable shapes by PingMag. I am sure you have heard of the square watermelons, but now they are […]

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Feature Fridays: Painting with BBQ Sauce and Show-Me Liquid Bar-B-Q Sauce

While browsing the BBQ tag on Food Press this morning—for some reason BBQ just sounded good at 6:00 am—I found this video of someone painting with BBQ sauce.  The next time I light the grill I might be inspired to use more care in how I slather on the smoky-savory stuff after watching this video, […]

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Feature Fridays: Blog Hop Heaven

Armed with a fresh cup of coffee and a bowl of yogurt, my Friday blog-browsing ensued.  A few short months ago, I had no idea what a Blog Hop was and less of a clue there was an entire community of them in the foodie blogosphere.  A plethora of new discoveries, RSS feeds, subscriptions, comments, […]

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