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A New Year to Savor

For all the best laid plans, Christmas came to town and captured my full attention. No blog posts of Merry Christmas wishes or family photos shared on Facebook. The only photo we snapped this year was when we piled in the car in search of a Christmas tree on the 21st (yes, just four days […]

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Hospitality Board on Pinterest

Entertaining & Hospitality ~ Performing vs. Serving: A Hospitality Series

This series on hospitality will offer practical advice for being ready when the doorbell rings, recipes to fit any occasion, and creative ideas like the Pinterest boards shared below. Before we get too far down the road of practicality though, let’s first talk about what motivates us to open our doors, get the house mother-in-law […]

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A Truly Dark Night

Most of the time I share photos and musings about last night’s dinner or gathering over food, but there is nothing more poignant to encourage us to savor today than the recent news streaming out of Colorado, the place I call home. Each morning I check my cell phone on the kitchen counter for battery […]

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We were stunned to see the flames so vividly.

Puppy Fun and Trial By Fire: From Vacation to Evacuation

Two weeks ago my daughter and I concluded a visit with family, ready to return home and sleep in our own beds. Our time in Missouri gave me a chance to proof recipes at a lower altitude and higher humidity, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I learned that more flour […]

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Tears of Gratefulness and Grief Roll Off the Same Cheek

We have had tons to celebrate over the past few months … four weddings, three showers, four birthdays, three graduations, one engagement, and two birth announcements makes for an abundant season. Most of these events centered on friendships forged during our years of homeschooling, through the community of families attending enrichment classes. We raised our […]

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Inspired Reflection at Easter: Soul Food

Inspired reflection—that momentary pause when thought and emotions intertwine to consider the profound. Whether prompted by human touch, written word, nature’s beauty, allegory, or song, you are keenly aware you were just given a glimpse of something transcendent. Today, this video, this song, did just that. Glenn Packiam serves our church as pastor, teacher, author, […]

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Merry Christmas

Hosting Christmas Traditions has been fun this month, like sneaking a peek in the family room window of those who submitted stories for us to enjoy.  It is such a treat to share holiday stories and recipes that create special memories. Gift-giving, baking, drawing near to family warms our hearts and homes as we celebrate […]

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Savoring Thanksgiving

Hands clasped around the table; heads bowed for blessing, Family, friends, neighbors, and the like, Young and not-so-young trade glances and warm hugs. Thoughts linger over those afar and those gone-on, The holiday, an excuse to ruminate on deeper things, It’s the people in our lives that stir these emotions. Gathering around the food we […]

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Freedom’s Call: Standing Firm in Liberty

Galatians 5:1 affirms the responsibility of the individual for freedom’s keep—it does not last if it is not guarded. May we learn from the annals of human history and stand firm in our liberation.

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel (via Marsala, Marriage and the Mysteries of Life)

Poignant, revelatory, and gut-level stuff by a tried and tested young wife (Laura Tucker) with a heart for God. This one is worth printing and pondering.

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