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Brunch Muffins -- Assortment (1 of 1) copy

Brunch Muffins

A few weeks ago, I was asked to bring muffins to a baby shower brunch for my dear friend’s daughter. It is such an honor to be part of these special occasions with lifelong friends and helping to make it happen. When your friend’s kids are having kids, the joy extends beyond the excitement for the new parents to your friends—the […]

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Kristen Senior 055

A New Year to Savor

For all the best laid plans, Christmas came to town and captured my full attention. No blog posts of Merry Christmas wishes or family photos shared on Facebook. The only photo we snapped this year was when we piled in the car in search of a Christmas tree on the 21st (yes, just four days […]

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Estes Escape -- mountain vista-2

An Estes Escape

Of all the pictures in my head of how we would celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, I never imagined it would be so close to home as Estes Park, CO. Five years ago, we were in Italy for our 20th. When we returned from that trip we decided Paris would be wonderful for our 25th. […]

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Keys to first apartment

Moving Day

  Life is about to change … Change can be good and bad. I have found it is most often bittersweet, as even the good requires letting go of something and the bad can open doors to possibilities we never imagined. This is good change. Remember the post about Gluten Free Chocolate Cake celebrating Kayla’s […]

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We were stunned to see the flames so vividly.

Puppy Fun and Trial By Fire: From Vacation to Evacuation

Two weeks ago my daughter and I concluded a visit with family, ready to return home and sleep in our own beds. Our time in Missouri gave me a chance to proof recipes at a lower altitude and higher humidity, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I learned that more flour […]

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No matter how old they get, this is what a parent sees when their baby starts to drive. (Photo credit Todd Lappin, Telstar Logistics)

Driven to Distraction

  Getting ready for a trip, the last thing I want on my list is getting a new driver’s license for one of my kids. That doesn’t make the top ten on a normal schedule, but when all the requirements are met and the stars have seemingly aligned in your daughter’s favor, how do you […]

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Upper flower garden (1 of 1)

Oh Hail, Adrenal Fatigue is No Garden Party

  For Mother’s Day, all I wanted was labor (no pun intended), help to get the gardens cleaned up and planted. Matt took me shopping for the flowers, the kids provided the labor to do the planting. If we can keep the deer out of the backyard we will enjoy the produce and flowers all […]

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Tears of Gratefulness and Grief Roll Off the Same Cheek

We have had tons to celebrate over the past few months … four weddings, three showers, four birthdays, three graduations, one engagement, and two birth announcements makes for an abundant season. Most of these events centered on friendships forged during our years of homeschooling, through the community of families attending enrichment classes. We raised our […]

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Chocolate Cake - GF - Slice with Raspberries (1 of 1)

Chocolate Cake [Gluten-Free] and the Celebration Express

It is worse than “the holidays”, I tell ya. From mid April through the first of June, it is six straight weeks of parties, cakes, and special dinners, lined-up one behind the other around here. Only this year, it started in March and will turn out something like this—bridal shower, bridal shower, wedding, wedding, bridal […]

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Popsicle Parade: Test Kitchen Tuesday

It is hot here in Colorado, a perfect week to try a few ice-cold recipes for Test Kitchen Tuesday.  When our kids were little, we went the easy route freezing fruit juice for simple frozen treats. These recipes definitely raise the bar and the enjoyment for the entire family, saving a few pennies along the […]

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