Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

Healthy Homemade Mayonnaise with Avocado Oil

While shopping at Costco I noticed avocado oil sitting right next to the extra-virgin olive oil I usually buy. I’m not the jump-on-the-next-new-thing type, so I walked by it on several occasions before deciding to do some research. We are particular about the kind of oil we use and especially leery of marketing hype touting heart health or Omega3…

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Table scape at wine and cheese party

7 Tips for Hosting a Wine & Cheese Party

Summer arrives with a little hoopla around here and it doesn’t take long for plenty of pink cheeks and shoulders to start showing. Hosting a wine and cheese party is our way of kicking off the season with friends. The deck chair cushions are retrieved from hibernation, lights are strung, and flowerbeds are primed—all part of the invitation…

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Veal Chops Saltimbocca served - Savoring Today (1 of 1)-2

Veal Chop Saltimbocca: Hero Food

As promised, Veal Chop Saltimbocca is here to announce our new digs at Savoring Today … a special meal to celebrate a exhilarating new season. Over this next year we plan to release our first e-cookbook, write a proposal for the next project, and begin to develop instructional videos. I am grateful for the encouragement and friendship of my…

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