Oatmeal Cookies: Load ‘em Up!

Oatmeal: some see breakfast food; I see hard to resist soft cookies delightfully textured with crunchy, chewy, chocolaty add-ins, ready for some serious milk dunking. Preparing to make oatmeal cookies for my daughter’s after school snack, I was inspired by all the possibilities as I strolled down the bulk bin section at Whole Foods.  Pecans, […]

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Feature Fridays: Healthy Hot Chocolate (via Squash Blossom Babies)

Fridays have become my day to surf and study—searching the web for notable blog posts about food, of course, and featuring those blogs/posts/pictures/stories/recipes here on Savoring Today. I liked Healthy Hot Chocolate simply because of the creativity of ingredients, beautiful photos, and who doesn’t need a little chocolate on Friday. Enjoy! Don’t you LOVE it […]

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Sweetly Spiced Crispy Pecans or Walnuts

Nuts can be a great protein snack, but they can also leave folks with a heavy, bloated feeling.  After a bit of nutritional research I discovered that nuts have enzyme inhibitors that cause the discomfort and the full nutritional value is more available when soaked and dehydrated.  For more detailed info on this subject, check […]

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Inside Out Turkey Pot Pie

Turkey Pot Pie was scheduled for dinner, but since life did not go as planned, I ended up with less time than I needed to prepare it.  Since the filling is cooked on top of the stove anyway, I decided to save the oven time by skipping the pastry and used biscuits instead.  There was […]

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Garlic

Sweet potatoes, like most root vegetables, are not very exciting by themselves, which may be why they usually get dressed-up with marshmallows or brown sugar.  Personally, I have never been a fan of sweet food during dinner—I like dessert to follow the main meal—so I prefer sweet potatoes more sassy than sweet. Building on a […]

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Chicken Saltimbocca

  When I told my daughter I was making Chicken Saltimbocca for dinner, she said, “What’s that?”  My response: bacon on chicken.  Technically, that is not true, but it is the best short answer I could think of and it describes the essence of this dish.  Prosciutto is Italian cured ham, which imparts a savory, […]

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Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Looking for softer whole wheat chocolate chip cookies?  King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour produces superior results in delicate baked goods that are typically weighed-down, hard, or dry when using whole wheat flours. We don’t eat dessert much anymore, so when we do it has to be worth it.  Although whole wheat is better than […]

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Confessions of Denial (via The Stuff of Life)

A large part of what motivates me to do what I do. Our quest for nutritional health began a little over ten years ago.  Eliminating refined sugar, oils, white flour, and processed foods were the focal point of our dietary makeover.  We made significant changes, benefiting with less seasonal illness, sustained level of energy, and […]

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Trying New Things

Recently, I’ve been trying new things to try to pull the dinner wagon out of some well-worn ruts. Check out the following reviews about Meyer lemons, white asparagus, celery root, and parsnips.  Got a different opinion or other ideas? Leave a comment and let me know. MEYER LEMONS showed up at King Soopers a few […]

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Ah, Chowder!

Seafood Chowder has always been a family favorite, though I don’t get around to making it often because it is a little involved.  I passed this recipe on to a friend of mine (a devout non-cook) who conscripted her son to help make it.  During the holidays he asked me why I would go to […]

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