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Black Bean Confetti Salsa and Memorial Day Menu Ideas

  We have done more than our share of feasting on board the Celebration Express lately, so this Memorial Day we will be laying low. Thankfully, there are Sprouted Wheat Buns in the freezer for BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches and all the ingredients I need for Celery, Apple, and Fennel Slaw tucked away in the […]

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Roasted Green Chili Burgers: Cinco de Mayo & National Burger Month

May is National Burger Month and Cinco de Mayo is as good a reason as any to partake in south of the border flavors this weekend.  Roasted Green Chili Burgers seemed like the ideal recipe to celebrate both and light the grill. Smoky chilies and cheese mixed right in the burger, topped with salsa mayonnaise […]

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Chicken Pozole Chili

If you Google search Chicken Pozole Chili, you come up with about 630,000 results in 0.17 seconds. Could there really be that many different recipes for this Mexican stew? Pork, chicken, or a mix of meats, cilantro, cumin, various types of chili peppers, blanco, green, or red, all have opinions formed around them and committed […]

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Green Chile Sauce Quest

I like challenges, especially when it is a food challenge levied by my husband.  There is no one on the planet I want to please more with efforts I bring to the dinner table.  From time to time, he will mention a meal he had while traveling or point to a recipe in a cooking […]

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Fish Tacos: Thank you, Baja!

We lived in California years ago, but my first introduction to fish tacos was at Rubio’s in Denver of all places.  I was hooked right away, the textures and flavors are addictive with crisp slaw, tender fish, a squeeze of lime, all cradled in your hand for quick delivery. Where the fish taco originated still […]

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Tacos with Picadillo: Test Kitchen Tuesday

In honor of so many celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I decided to look through my cookbook, The World’s Finest Food for inspiration for Test Kitchen Tuesday this week.  Tacos with Picadillo looked interesting and simple to make—a new twist on an old standby, for sure.  According to on-line sources, picadillo is a traditional Latin American […]

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Habanero-Cilantro Taco Sauce

Saturday night friends came over to help us test the Chile-Spiced Skirt Steak Tacos recipe from the Test Kitchen challenge last week. The tacos received rave reviews, truly a fantastic recipe.  This sauce was a little something extra I created to garnish the tacos in place of sour cream. Habaneros really bring the heat, so […]

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Chile-Spiced Skirt Steak Tacos: Test Kitchen Tuesday

Over the years, I have collected stacks of cooking magazines with dog-eared pages hoping to create a few of them in my own kitchen.  Test Kitchen Tuesday presents the opportunity to do just that.  Last night I rediscovered this recipe from last year’s May issue of Food & Wine—Chile-Spiced Skirt Steak Tacos—and I cannot wait […]

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Corn Tortillas: Homemade Goodness

It does not get any easier than a recipe with only two ingredients.  Making fresh corn tortillas is a simple way to add new interest to familiar recipes.  The technique may take a little practice, but it is worth the learning curve when you sink your teeth into authenticity. The soft texture and sweet corn […]

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Blue Coyote Nachos

If you want a great appetizer for the weekend match-up or your next Super Bowl party everyone will enjoy, Blue Coyote Nachos are just the ticket. Inspired by nachos we had at the Blue Coyote Grill in Palm Springs years ago, this recipe is an instant favorite.  Orange goopy, processed cheese peddled as food will […]

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