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Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Ice Cream (1 of 1)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Ice Cream

Father’s Day at our house means red meat on the grill and something chocolate for dessert. Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Ice Cream was the request to conclude Sunday’s man feast and we were happy to oblige. Last summer I picked up a Cuisinart ice cream maker at Costco for times such as these. Yes, this recipe requires […]

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Peppermint Chip Chocolate Cookies [GF] - Recipe (1 of 1)

Peppermint Chip Chocolate Cookies [Gluten-Free]

Remember those Andes peppermint chips from my In My Kitchen post? Well, I decided to mix them into a delicious gluten-free chocolate cookie recipe. As a matter of fact, they are so good I’ll be making another batch to wrap for gift-giving. Unlike traditional recipes, these cookies are made with almond flour (meal) and sweetened […]

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Date-Fudge Truffles with Sea Salt | Savoring Today

Date-Fudge Truffles with Sea Salt

Always on the lookout to make recipes healthier as well as great tasting, awhile back I was looking for healthy desserts. You know something I could feel good about eating, but would also make my eyes roll all the way back in my head with sheer delight. Yeah, that kind. It would have to involve […]

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Double Chocolate Truffles with Cocoa

Double Chocolate Truffles

  Holiday baking is a big deal at our house, a time when chocolates, cookies, and Christmas Stollen are penciled into the calendar just like parties. As much as I love our tradition of baking and candy making, it isn’t without a fair amount of compromise to our food philosophy of avoiding refined flour and […]

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Chocolate Cake - GF - Slice with Raspberries (1 of 1)

Chocolate Cake [Gluten-Free] and the Celebration Express

It is worse than “the holidays”, I tell ya. From mid April through the first of June, it is six straight weeks of parties, cakes, and special dinners, lined-up one behind the other around here. Only this year, it started in March and will turn out something like this—bridal shower, bridal shower, wedding, wedding, bridal […]

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Peppermint Bark

Christmas Goodies and The Food52 Cookbook Winners

Donna Lorrig and Bruce Valk are the lucky winners of The Food52 Cookbook giveaway!  Thank you, everyone, who participated in the giveaway—it is great to be able to pass along new, inspiring cookbooks. Ancho Chili-Cinnamon Chocolate Bark was so inspiring, we included it in our holiday baking, one of the reasons you didn’t hear from […]

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Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries with Chocolate Accents 2 (1 of 1)

Cheesecake Strawberries with Chocolate Accents

  My first introduction to the concept of filling a strawberry with the flavors of cheesecake was featuring a post by Nutmeg Nanny many Fridays ago. When I finally got serious about making these little gems for a bridal shower, there were tweaks to the recipe I could not resist—lemon zest is a must in […]

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Grown Up S’mores [via Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain]: Feature Fridays

As I leisurely finished my iced coffee this morning, I discover this S’mores recipe from Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain—an automatic YUM! was set off in my brain.  According to the author, the marshmallow drooping down the sides of the chocolate was a fail … Uh, I don’t think so.  I think […]

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Triple Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Triple Chocolate Cookies

What’s better than just plain chocolate?  Chocolate delivered three ways in one cookie.  A soft chocolate cookie wrapped around white chocolate and bittersweet chocolate chips is milk’s new best friend.  A hint of instant coffee—the secret in great chocolate desserts—does wonders for chocolate cookies, deepening flavor and adding complexity. Make a batch to take to […]

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Chocolate Kiwi Popsicles [via Showfood Chef]: Feature Fridays

After 90° temperatures here in Colorado yesterday, it is no surprise these kiwi popsicles at Showfood Chef caught my eye.  What can be better than a recipe with two ingredients–especially when one of them is chocolate?  These look refreshing, delicious, and fun for summer treats.  Enjoy!

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